The Bread Box

This page shows the range of bread that can be made using the ‘no knead’ method.

All the loaves shown were made in a Lekue silicone bread bowl and left on the counter to rise overnight at least 8 hours.  The resulting loaf is boat-shaped if done in a Lekue. It keeps for many days unrefrigerated and is delicious toasted.


The Lekue breadmaker showing the various stages of the process.


No knead bread may also be made in other bowls (glass or ceramic is best). A lid with a hole in top, or stretch wrap with holes punched into it, will also work. Any bowl, including the Lekue, must be wrapped in a dish towel while it is rising, to keep the heat in.

This bread has no sugar or fat, and takes minimal work to create. The all-purpose flour used is unbleached.

Further experimenting is planned.

The Bread Box Gallery